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In 2005, a group of Indigenous curators came together to develop a long-term strategy in order to better support a community of current and future Indigenous curators. Barry Ace, Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew, Ron Noganosh, Ryan Rice, and Cathy Mattes were key members who brought forward the idea of creating a collective of Indigenous curators and to create moments to have conversations about the state of Indigenous curatorial practice in Canada. The Indigenous Curatorial Collective (previously known as the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective) was launched as a response to the authority afforded to the non-Indigenous curatorial and academic community within the discipline of Indigenous arts in Canada. “A Proposal for a Framework for Action” is a document that was created in order to provide long-term strategic support for the Indigenous curatorial community and to point to the need to have a roundtable discussion to point to crucial issues faced by Indigenous curators at that time.


The Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ICCA) activates Indigenous creative sovereignty, ensuring future ancestors have agency over their own cultures as an Inherent Right.



Advocates, Activates, and Engages

The ICCA is an Indigenous arts organization that advocates, activates, and engages on behalf of Canadian and international Indigenous curators, critics, artists and representatives of arts and cultural organizations.


Develops and Programs

The ICCA develops and programs curatorial projects, researches Indigenous practices and educates through critical discourses on Indigenous arts and cultures.


Build Relationships

The ICCA builds relationships for Indigenous artists and curators by supporting equitable collaboration and exchange within larger arts communities.


Increases Opportunities

The ICCA focuses on increasing opportunities for Indigenous artists and curators within established arts institutions and champions the development of new Indigenous-controlled arts spaces.


Collaborate, Challenge and Engage

The ICCA collaborates, challenges, and engages in critical discourse, always viewing the arts through a contemporary Indigenous lens.

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